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Job Search Strategy You Should Have in 2021

To succeed, your job search strategy needs to be based on and adapted to the developments in the current job market.

There are two very important things for your job search you need to consider right now:


This pandemic has pushed us all into the virtual world, so your job search must be adapted and focussed on your online personal branding too.

Analyse your LinkedIn profile – do you look and sound like the professional you’re saying you are? What should you change? Are you familiar and comfortable with online networking? How can you improve?


Are you keeping an eye on the fields that are booming? Even if you are not looking for an industry change, you must be up to date on what is happening.

With your transferable skills and the resume that reflects them fully, your next job might be in some of the industries that are growing now – E-learning, E-commerce, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Automation & Robotics, Telehealth, Video Games…

Be ready for the challenges. Work smarter.

Olivera Caoching and Consulting job search strategy 2021

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