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Why Are Recruiters Ghosting You and What To Do About It?

It is not always easy, but remain mindful of the recruiter’s time in this situation. What is probably happening:

🔴 The recruiter went on vacation or left the company

🔴 The company or hiring managers may have shifted their focus to filling a different role without much warning

🔴 The recruiter you are speaking with is terrible at their job

If you have been ghosted, here is what you can do:

✅ Reach out and write a follow-up email seven days after your last talk or email. Be polite, avoid being pushy or aggressive – it will not help. It is ok to ask about the replacement if your recruiter left and to reintroduce yourself.

✅ Assess the situation objectively. Sometimes the things are not as we like to think, and maybe that last talk with a recruiter didn’t go that well as you believe.

✅ Continue with your job search and try to forget about this negative experience. Do not stop applying even if you are about to get an offer. You can never predict what could happen, so stay in the game until you sign that contract.

Share your ghosting story in the comments. I hope we learn better how to cope with rejection and uncertainty. Good luck! 🍀

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