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'Regular' vs. Executive Resume: Which Type of Resume is Right for You?

executive resume writing

Not all resumes are crafted alike.

 If you are an executive or aspiring executive looking for a new role, having a well-written and structured senior-level executive resume matters more than you think.

 In your ‘regular’ resume, you’ve probably included:

🖊️      Responsibilities and the skills honed during your career

🖊️      Battles won (projects completed), and

🖊️      Results achieved (accomplishments)


…and this would be enough if you are looking for roles below the Director level, for example. This regular resume is a testament to skill, adaptability, and potential.

However, to land a senior role, you must showcase much, much more.

 So, what do you exactly need to put on your executive-style resume?

 The executive resume is a declaration of leadership, vision, and impact – and your focus MUST be on that if you want to stand out in the sea of other, super-qualified candidates.

Here is what your executive resume needs to show:

🏆      Specific metrics and outcomes of leadership initiatives (revenue growth, cost reductions, market expansion, team development), demonstrating tangible impact

🏆      Clear leadership narrative, highlighting strategic initiatives, and demonstrating how you influenced growth and transformation

🏆      Powerful action verbs and leadership terminology

🏆      Purpose - emphasising not just the ability to lead but to innovate, inspire, and drive significant business outcomes

 Does your resume have all this?

 If you are considering assistance crafting an efficient and ‘true to you’ resume, I am just a message away. 💬

 Work smarter, not harder. 🍀


Would you like some help with your executive resume? Check the options here:

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