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Why Having A Career Coach Means Escaping Your “Hamster Wheel”?

In our modern, highly dynamic, algorithm-driven world, time is everything. The hiring process is changing dramatically, leaving many of us lost when we try to find a new job or make a change in our career.

So with the gargantuan amount of information available online on all topics imaginable, it might seem pretty easy to find the answers that will make us feel, if not entirely in control, then at least less lost in our job hunt. You just read online all sorts of interview tips, follow many guidelines to improve your CV or find different advice on how to land a job, and you are there. But, are you really?

Hire a career coach. Do more for yourself.

Having all this openly available, one can rightly doubt the need for career coaching at all. Many would probably argue that hiring a coach is a waste of time and money, which, to be honest, can be so true if you end up with someone who is barely an expert.  However, I am a firm believer that two heads are always smarter than one.

If we use an expert's long experience and wisdom to go ahead professionally, it might be beneficial in so many ways. Because, at one point in our lives, we all come to realize that we don't know what we want from our job anymore, that we are not happy, that we are not challenged enough, or we just don't see our career path so clearly anymore.

Mothers surely know how hard it is to get back to work after maternity leave and find out that their career path is everything but clear. New graduates, due to inexperience, usually have problems with job search at the very career start. After a considerable number of years, many of us want to change our career paths and follow another professional passion. Moreover, in so many cases we don't see or know our full professional potential. It is tough for a person to be objective, positive and proactive in such moments of self-doubt and inner-confusion.

So how to move from this status-quo position? Is it possible to do it on your own? Well, the answer entirely depends on you. You can try working this out on your own, or you can ask for a help people who have spent years dealing with this kind of situations. If you choose the latter, you have various options - single session group coaching, several weeks long group coaching, traditional one-on-one coaching and one-on-one virtual coaching through different video conferencing platforms (blissful technology!).

So, you are probably wondering what a good career coach can do for you to help you improve your career? First of all, he/she can help you to understand better who you are, what you really want and how your talents and expertise match your expectations. You can count on the coach's external objective and realistic assessment of your professional situation. This further helps you formulate and follow a successful career strategy related to job search, promotion, career change, return to work, or when you decide to start your own business.

Things are not always clear and simple. As a consultant and coach, I've seen how just a little help and push in the right direction can be significant and even life-changing for my clients. One-on-one coaching in a virtual setting gives the best results because the location doesn't matter. People can genuinely focus on things that are important during a coaching conversation within the comfort of their own home, which, believe me, brakes so many barriers that otherwise keep people from moving forward with resolving their current professional dilemma or status.

Why? Because, if you are in the middle of a coaching session together with other people in an environment that is entirely new to you, it is hard to talk to a coach (a stranger) about your deepest fears, doubts and worries related to your career. Virtual career coaching builds a sheltered space to strategize and face some of the biggest professional, as well as personal, challenges. A coach actively listens to you and your coaching session is entirely about you, and this leads to the heart of issues very quickly. So, you benefit from a coach's customized, timely and individualized intervention, appropriate advice and suggestions -the main prerequisites for a coaching session to be successful and substantially impacts your professional (and personal) life.

Do you need to be truly listened to?  Do you need a keen ear and an open mind for resolving your work-related status, troubles or dilemmas? Start today.

I profoundly understand the importance of tailoring the coaching session to the needs of each of my clients individually, and I use the latest coaching methods and models.

Learn all the possible ways to advance and improve your career here.


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