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5 Ways to Help with Manager Burnout

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Are your managers taking good care of your people?

You might be surprised to learn that 53% of managers feel burned out at work (Microsoft's Work Trend Index, 2022). This is a serious issue.

The causes of manager burnout stem from an unsustainable workload, a perceived lack of control, insufficient resources, and not receiving enough rewards for their efforts. On top of that, they often lack a supportive community and feel a lack of fairness in their roles.

And when a manager faces all these challenges, they are 5 times more likely to leave the company than those who experience none of these issues. That's a huge loss for any organization!

Remember, fostering an open dialogue between managers and leadership is vital. The more communication flows, the better organizations can focus and address burnout, create a sustainable work environment where everyone thrives, and create a work culture where everyone's energy is sustainable.

Read below what you can actually do to help alleviate manager burnout.

5 ways to avoid manager burnout

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