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How to Build Personal Brand and Reputation

Why is taking care of your online reputation and building a personal brand important?

🎯 People will know of you and recommend you

🎯  People will buy your services (without you needing to “sell”)

🎯 Your network will grow

So, what do you need to do first?

You need to self-reflect and know your ‘audience’, for example:

If you are looking for a new job, your audience is recruiters and industry leaders, so your brand strategy should be based on this. You should build your reputation on social platforms where your peers and employers are (LinkedIn, X…)

If your main goal is to improve your business, defining your target audience depends on what you are selling (service or product), where the demand is, and where your ideal customer spends the most time.

What we think of ourselves and how people actually perceive us can be 2 very different things, so investing time and effort in building your personal brand should be a must. 

❗IMPORTANT❗ Personal branding is primarily about building trust – and to do that, you must be your authentic self. 

If you try to be something you are not, people will see through it, and you will achieve nothing—it will actually harm your reputation.

The best way to start is to choose and focus on one social platform first. If you are a senior professional or executive, start with LinkedIn – make sure your profile is complete, with professional photos and visuals, and that you post, comment on, and engage on topics within your expertise.


✳️ Your reputation is everything. You can be a perfect candidate on a resume, but the damage can be huge if your online presence says otherwise

✳️ Make sure your high-profile social media accounts – LinkedIn, X, are polished, optimised, and reveal what you want them to reveal

✳️ Make sure your online presence portrays you as a reliable professional. Be honest with yourself—are you giving the impression of a desirable employee? Would you hire yourself?

And, ALWAYS act like you would in real life when you want to meet or help others. 

If you are not tech-savvy or haven’t mastered LinkedIn yet, you can use my professional assistance and save your valuable time and energy. 

I’m just a message away. 🙂💬

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