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How to Stop the Boss from Sabotaging You?

If a director finds themselves in a situation where their boss (often a higher-level executive or board member) appears to be sabotaging their work and initiatives, it can be a complex and delicate matter to address.

There are usually 2 situations my clients seek help for:

⛔ Dealing with a boss who's hindering their professional growth


⛔ Dealing with a boss who's sabotaging their initiatives and their effort to implement any changes

We're going to address the former today.

In most cases, the issue is usually in communication - perceived sabotage is actually a manifestation of misaligned expectations or visions.

If, however, it becomes clear that the boss's actions are genuinely malicious, it's crucial to prioritize your well-being and career.

Staying PROFESSIONAL and developing RESILIENCE are 2 very important things since such challenges can be emotionally draining. Engage in self-care, develop coping mechanisms, and remember that personal growth often comes from facing adversity.

Avoid letting emotions dictate your actions - avoid gossiping or bad-mouthing your boss, as this can come back to harm you.

Read more steps and considerations for navigating this challenging scenario below:

Work smarter not harder, and remember to ask for help before it becomes overwhelming.

P.S. Here are 3 ways how I can help you:



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