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Posting on LinkedIn and Personal Branding

“I don’t post on LinkedIn, because I’m really private, focused on the company, not my personal brand.”

I hear this a lot from my clients. Especially from female executives.

If you want to attract talent to your company, increase visibility with prospective customers, and establish credibility in your industry, having a strong LinkedIn presence is one of the fastest and easiest ways to achieve all this.

(not to mention, in this digital time and age, it’s becoming non-negotiable ⏰)

personal brand executives

If you don’t do it, you miss the fruitful opportunity to power up your and your company’s reputation. Some would even say that you are responsible for sharing your experiences, insights, and opinions on topics relevant to your industry for the coming generations. 🙂

And, contrary to what many executives think, writing content on LinkedIn is not about them and has little to do with “making things personal.”

How so?

Executives with strong online presence usually share their stories on what they do to put their company/department in a position to succeed. I’m sure you have plenty of material, too, for these kinds of posts.

If you lack confidence, it’s crucial to understand first what your confidence stems from. For example, you can do any online social style test to discover this and determine how to translate it digitally.

I know, everyone says nowadays you must network and make connections as a part of your job search process to improve your chances of landing a job. But before you start networking, make sure your online presence leaves the impression of you as a reliable professional first.

Look through recruiters’ eyes and be honest with yourself:

Are you giving the impression of a desirable employee?
Would you hire yourself?

Work consistently and ask for help if you need it, and remember – looking for a job is a process.

So, just go ahead, and start posting! 📝 🙂

P.S. If you don't know where to start, we can start together. Let's chat and see what your options are.



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